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***Breaking News***: DraftStreet has been acquired by DraftKings! It was announced on 7/14/14 that DraftKings will purchase DraftStreet. In recent notification emails, DraftKings and DraftStreet confirmed the news and notified users that DraftStreet users will need to transfer their accounts to DraftKings.com. It looks like DraftStreet will be no more. Moving forward, this leaves DraftKings and FanDuel controlling an estimated more than 90% of the marketshare in the daily fantasy space.

DraftStreet has solidified itself as one of the top destinations in the fantasy football money league world. With nationwide press coming from fantasy experts such as Matthew Berry, DraftStreet has become a household name. The site has earned credibility and trust by paying out quickly and continuing to improve. DraftStreet offers perhaps the largest variety of competitions. Fantasy league games vary in size from head-to-head to 800-entries. DraftStreet offers popular larger scale events with qualifiers and multi-day competitions as well. These large scale prize pool competitions pay out over $250,000 in prizes. Free leagues are also available if you’d like to test the site before playing cash games.

One of the most important elements of an online fantasy football league is to have a large amount of players at any given time. You will never run out of different types of games to play or leagues to join. We really like DraftStreet selection of games and play on the site regularly. As with all the daily fantasy sites, the rake (percentage taken by house) decreases as you play for higher stake games. Customer service is responsive and helpful, which is essential. The FREE money bonus on sign up is one of the best in the industry. We never argue with free money and for many users, this is enough to make DraftStreet their top choice.

Our primary complaints about DraftStreet are related to the website interface and roster setups. The site feels cluttered and it’s not always intuitive. We think DraftStreet is due for a more simplified redesign. The roster is a bit different than FanDuel, so make sure to review below before committing to a game. Personally, I prefer 1-QB leagues and DraftStreeet rosters always have 2-QBs.

The high number of games and players along with the bonuses provided help DraftStreet land in our top 3 recommendations. You don’t have to worry about getting paid and can play day and night. Overall, you can’t go wrong by playing at DraftStreet.

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DraftStreet Details


The process is the same as any other fantasy money league site. Signup is painless with a one page form that is less than 7 questions. During signup you can get FREE money by using our Referral Code, which is just a synonym used by DraftStreet for promocode. You then deposit funds, select a type of game with the number of players desired. You draft a team of players from a number of games (relative to the competition you select) and play against the rest of the players in the competition. You can withdraw money at any time.

Step 1 – Signup

Signup at DraftStreet is quick and easy, which is always a nice start. The form requires First Name, Last Name, Email, Date of Birth, State, Username, Password. You will receive email updates at the email address provided. There is a link on the form that must be clicked to enter our Promo Code or Referral Code (FREE Bonus Money). You can see the form and link in the images below.

DraftStreet promo code link

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DraftStreet Signup

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Promocode or Referral Code

DraftStreet used to excel in this department, but has since been surpassed by other fantasy sites in the industry. With a 100% bonus up to $200 on deposit, it’s one of the lowest in the industry. You only get a deposit bonus on your first deposit, so make it count. Many people get shy on their first deposit and kick themselves later. This is the only time you are going to get the opportunity for FREE money. Think about how much you’re going to wager over the season and deposit the full amount on your first deposit. For full FREE money details and bonus payout terms, go to our DraftStreet Promocode page.

Depositing Money

Depositing money is painless and all the major methods are available. Earn Amex points while winning money!

draftstreet deposit methods

Step 2 – Select a League

There are an endless amount of leagues to choose from. The most important elements to consider when selecting a league are: opponents, prize pool, draft type, payout type, entry fee, start date, end date, scoring and settings. These elements vary widely, so make sure to pay attention to the League you’re joining. There are daily, multi-day and weekly leagues to choose from. For strategy on selecting the right league, visit our How to Win page.

Step 3 – Draft Team

After selecting a league, you’ll need to draft your team. In NFL leagues, the roster is as follows: 2-QBs, 2-RBs, WR, 2-Flex, TE, DST. Before drafting, make sure to read our guide to Winning Fantasy Football Money Leagues. Learn the overarching tactical strategies that can help you win your league. The following video introduces you to the draft process.


Take time to review the scoring settings as well. The QB scoring is different in that passing TDs are only worth 4 points, whereas rushing TDs and receiving TDs are worth 6 points. There are no bonuses for 100+ high rushing, 300+ passing or 100+ receiving yards. Rules and scoring can change, so check the site for the latest before drafting your team. Below is the current scoring chart.

draftstreet Scoring

Step 4 – Payouts

Payouts vary widely based on the amount you bet, the number of players in the league, and the type of league. DraftStreet establishes rake, based on the number of players and amount of the bet. The rake can range anywhere from 10% to 4.8%. In a standard salary cap football league, the top 3 finishers will get paid out. Some leagues have guaranteed money for half of the players, so check the payout table before starting your league. If you are in the money, you’ll see your winnings credited to your account within 1 hour of the completion of the league.

Payout Table

Step 5 – Withdrawing Money

DraftStreet makes withdrawing money easy. You can get paid with PayPal immediately and there are no fees, which is nice. You can also request a check for payment with is paid within 10 days. If a check is stolen or lost there is a fee for stopping payment of $27. We recommend withdrawing via Paypal so you have a record and there is no possibility of a check being lost. You can withdraw money via Paypal 2 times every 7 days and there is no limit to the number of times you can withdraw via check.

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Game Interface

The DraftStreet site functions well on Mac, PC and phones. While the design and interface could be improved, it’s still one of the best. However, if we are going to be picky, which we are, the design seems a bit dated, complicated and cluttered. The selection of the games could be a lot easier. There are simply too many options and the selection of the various options is not as intuitive as I’d like. It takes a little getting used to, but in reality, it’s not a serious issue.


The site loads quickly and there aren’t any delays in gameplay. Sorting by the larger categories is relatively simple. You just click on the sport you want to bet on and the screen will update with the open leagues in that sport. Sorting by subcategory is a little strange. You click on the box or boxes for which you want to see the applicable games. You can’t sort within the internal box, which is a little cumbersome. As an example, in an ideal world, I’d like to be able to sort by Entry Fee from low to high.

My DraftStreet

I may be an idiot, but it took me way too long to find the “My Account” section. On the DraftStreet website, it’s called “My DraftStreet” and is located to the right of the home button. In this section, you can see your current and past leagues, you’re overall payout results, your profile and your deposit and withdrawal history. This is the section where you can see your pending bonus money.

DraftStreet has an internal reward program called “Street Credits”. As you please more games and more expensive games, you earn Street Credits, which can be redeemed for merchandise and entries into money leagues. You can see your Street Credits total in this section of the websites as well.


There is support available, but I think this area of the business can be vastly improved. A live chat representative would be helpful. There is a Contact Us page, that isn’t very easy to find (it’s in the footer). You have the option of sending in a webform, which is never great, emailing or calling an 888 number. I have called the 888 number on occasion and they do answer within 5 minutes 7 days a week. However, there are no set hours for “customer service” staff and after hours, the most the person on the phone can do is send an email to the actual “customer service” staff or take a message. Customer service is available via email 24 hours a day and they usually respond in a timely fashion.

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DraftStreet Ratings

Review by Taylor
Review by Taylor for DraftStreet






Draftstreet is okay…they are normally aren’t the place I go anymore, but at least they still have a lot of players and games any given week, which is really what I care about. The contests don’t seem to have as big of prizes anymore. Still one of my favorites.

1 user reviews. Overall Ratings: 3.8 out of 5.0